CBD Balms & Gels

CBD comes in different forms and products. It comes as tinctures, gummies, drinks, vape liquids and CBD balms. The variety makes it easier for CBD users to choose the product that works for them.

CBD balm is the most popular among CBD topicals. It is perfect for CBD users looking for localised relief, an easy CBD product to use – and those who want a pleasant smell to go with it.

Whether you’re considering CBD balms as a new addition to your CBD collection or just getting into the CBD scene and taking a particular interest in CBD balms, getting as much information as possible is a great start.

What Is CBD?

Considering how popular CBD has become, describing it shouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding CBD, leading to most people thinking CBD and THC are the same things.

While both are cannabinoids and extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects that THC is known for. Also, CBD is legal in the UK, unlike THC. CBD is one of the over 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plants. It accounts for more than 40% of the plant’s extract.

This unique chemical compound has been widely associated with various health benefits, including managing chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, autoimmune disease, depression and anxiety. Because of its numerous benefits, CBD has had a sharp spike in popularity. CBD manufacturers have responded by creating multiple CBD products to suit the needs of different users, and CBD balm is one of them.

What is CBD Balm?

CBD balm is a soothing emollient made by adding CBD into a blend of organic beeswax and other helpful ingredients. CBD balm also goes by other names like CBD muscle rub. It is a fragrant topical cream commonly used to soothe and relax sore joints.

Besides CBD and beeswax, the balm also features other natural ingredients known for your healing power, like tea tree, eucalyptus and other oils like coconut oil.

The balm also contains antioxidants and adaptogens that work to comfort the skin and condition distressed and dry skin.

How Do CBD Balms Work?

CBD balms work through systems and organs already present in the body. The first is the skin. The balm is absorbed through pores on the skin’s epidermis into the dermis when massaged on the skin.

Once inside the body, the CBD once more relies on a pre-existing mechanism in the body called the endocannabinoid system(ECS).

The ECS is a complex system found in all mammals. It comprises cannabinoid receptors, enzymes and endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced within the body). The ECS is thought to regulate different processes and functions in the body like sleep, memory, fertility, reproduction, pain and immune response, among others.

Once you apply the CBD balm to your skin, the CBD interacts with the ECS to send various signals to the body, alleviating pain and inflammation, relaxation and other feelings according to why you’re using the balm.

CBD achieves this by sending signals to various glands and parts of the brain to reduce or increase the production of selected hormones. CBD is also thought to maintain homeostasis in the body through the ECS using the same approach.

How CBD is Introduced Into Balms

The first step in introducing CBD into CBD balms is an oil base that acts as a carrier. Most manufacturers prefer coconut oil as the best option because of its high content of fatty acids. The more fatty acids an oil carries, the more CBD it can carry. But, there are other options for people sensitive to coconut oil, like MCT oil and hemp seed oil.

Together with the carrier oil, the infused CBD oil is then added to the rest of the balm mixture. The method of combining CBD and carrier oil is not straightforward. It requires grinding the cannabis plants and steaming the bits for several hours as part of the procedure.

What Is in CBD Balm?

When making CBD balms, every company targets different users. Therefore, the details of the ingredients might vary slightly. But often, the general elements are the same for various companies. These include;


CBD oil is the magic ingredient in CBD balm. CBD oil and the concentration also vary depending on the type of balm. The CBD oil in most CBD balms is no different from what you get in CBD oil tinctures.


Most CBD balms use beeswax as the preferred wax base. Beeswax has many health benefits, including treating fungal and skin infections. It helps create a protective layer on the skin and helps attract water helping the skin stay hydrated. Beeswax is also a natural exfoliator. These reasons and the fact that it is an organic base are why most CBD balm manufacturers consider it the ideal wax base.

Nourishing oils

CBD balms also contain many nourishing oils that keep the skin youthful and glowing. Although all the CBD balms will have some nourishing oils, this is where manufacturers start taking different paths. The most common oils include olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, MCT oil and jojoba oil. Each manufacturer selects the oils they want to add to their CBD balm depending on the intended function of the balm.

Essential oils

Essential oils have two roles in CBD balms. The first is their fragrance, and the second is their unique therapeutic benefits that include reducing stress, improving sleeping quality and treating fungal infection. The specific benefits depend on the selection of essential oils. Once more, manufacturers will choose the essential oils they want to include in their CBD balm depending on its function.


Fragrances add a pleasant smell to the CBD balm making it easier to apply even when you’re going out. The fragrance selection depends on the scent that the manufacturer is going for. In some cases, some of the fragrances also have a therapeutic effect that further adds to the CBD balm’s benefits.

It’s not unusual to find other ingredients in your CBD balms like preservatives. Before purchasing the balm, ensure you understand all the CBD ingredients and what they are. You want to stay away from balms that have complicated ingredient names. Organic ones might cost a little more but work better and are safer for your skin.

Benefits of CBD Balms

CBD users who choose to use CBD balms can expect a myriad of benefits courtesy of the ingredients and nature of CBD balms. Some of the benefits CBD balms offer include;

It is rich in antioxidants

Ingredients used to make CBD balm are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants help improve healing time and the appearance of scars and battle the effects of allergens on the skin. Antioxidants also keep the skin from drying and restore the vitality of worn-out and dry skin.

Can alleviate skin pain

CBD is thought to help in alleviating chronic pain from various skin conditions. The balm can help people suffering from such conditions by reducing inflammation and decreasing pain intensity. The balm helps relax muscles on the skin surface where it is applied and soothes the pain.

Reduces skin dryness

CBD lovers suffering from dry and itchy skin can benefit from CBD balm. The balm contains fatty acid supplements, Omega 3 and 6, known for their moisturising properties.

Normally, dry and itchy skin tends to be very sensitive. The good thing with CBD balm is that it also works for sensitive skin. The balm contains anti-inflammatory products and properties that help with skin nourishment and reduce flareups that come with itchy skin.

Using CBD balm might also trigger your skin to produce more sebum to keep it moisturised always.

Helps in the management of acne

Acne is a big problem, particularly among those in their puberty. It can affect appearance and negatively impact self-esteem. It is usually caused by dead skin cells, too much oil, and dirt on the skin pores. These can block the hair follicles and cause bacteria to multiply, causing inflammations.

CBD balm contains properties that help manage acne and prevent flare-ups as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help with the regulation of sebum production, and also keeps your skin free of dryness and irritation. All these are vital factors in the management and treatment of acne.

Relieving joint pain

CBD balms can also deliver localised relief for joint and muscle pain. CBD contains cannabidiol which is believed to help patients suffering from arthritis manage pain by reducing inflammation in their joints. Because the balm is applied directly to the affected areas, the effects are faster and more effective.

Removes and prevents wrinkles

Wrinkles are part of the ageing process. But in some cases, wrinkles can present early because of free radicals in the body, skin damage and dehydration.

CBD balm contains supplements that help your skin look younger and glow by keeping it hydrated and free of wrinkles. The balm also has antioxidants that help fight the free radicals and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.

The fatty acids in CBD balms also help produce collagen, a natural compound that helps protect the skin from water loss and keeps it hydrated.

Can help with rashes and burns

CBD balm has exceptional healing properties that can help manage rashes and burns. It can help accelerate healing on the affected area, soothe the skin, and relieve pain.

Applying CBD balm can prevent infections to the injured area and support the body’s natural healing process.

Besides the highlighted benefits, CBD balm may also help manage eczema, insomnia and psoriasis.

How to Apply CBD Balm

CBD users should learn how to apply CBD balm for the best results. Luckily, it’s a quick and straightforward process that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Start by cleaning the area you want to apply the CBD balm and pat it dry. Rub a decent amount of the CBD balm between your palms. This helps to warm up the balm and soften it. Gently apply and massage to the intended area.

Unlike regular lotion, you might need to take longer massaging the oil to maximise absorption. However, this should be gentle to avoid skin irritation. You can apply the balm several times per day, depending on the reason for the application.

Types of CBD Balm

There’s a multitude of CBD balms in the market. They can be classified depending on their functions, including warm, cool and soothing, or their selection of ingredients. But the best way to classify the CBD balms is by the type of CBD oil used to make the balm, and there are three varieties.

CBD Isolate CBD Balm

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It only contains 99.9% cannabidiol: no terpenes, flavonoids, or fatty acids from the hemp plant.

After extraction, CBD isolate goes through an extra process called winterisation that removes all the other chemical compounds from the hemp plant.

CBD balms made from CBD isolate are the least effective. However, they are perfect for new CBD users who want to take their CBD experience slow as they understand how their body responds to the new natural chemical compound.

Broad Spectrum CBD Balm

CBD balm made from broad-spectrum CBD has all the chemical compounds of the hemp plant except THC. Broad-spectrum CBD goes through the normal extraction process, and towards the final processing stages, the THC is removed.

Broad-spectrum CBD balms are perfect for users who prefer not to use CBD products containing any THC and those subjected to regular drug tests and are concerned about turning in a positive test.

Even though broad-spectrum CBD balms don’t have THC, the balms are still highly effective and deliver the entourage effect.

Full-spectrum CBD balms

These are the most potent CBD balms packing the entire range of chemical compounds found in the hemp plant, and about 0.2% THC. The THC levels in full-spectrum CBD balms are highly managed and kept below the legal standards in the UK.

CBD balms containing full-spectrum CBD also have fatty acids, terpenes and flavonoids that deliver comprehensive benefits of the whole hemp plant.

How to Choose the Right CBD Balm

With numerous CBD balms in the market, it’s imperative to take some time to find a CBD balm that will work for you. It’s also worth noting that with CBD, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You have to take the time to find a product that works for you and your needs. Here are a few crucial boxes you should tick when selecting your preferred CBD balm.

Type of CBD balm

Do you want a warming, cooling, or pain-fighting CBD balm? It depends on why you’re going for the balm in the first place. Each of these types of balms has different ingredients and therefore works differently. Before going into any other details, you need to choose your preferred balm first.

Type of CBD

As indicated earlier, CBD balms are made from different types of CBD. The main types of CBD include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and pure or isolate CBD. The difference between these products is their chemical composition and the effects they deliver.

If you opt for a CBD isolate product with the same CBD concentration as a full-spectrum variety, the latter is more potent and will have more intense results than the isolate option. However, there’s a slight concern about THC. If you’re concerned about THC but still want the same excellent results, you can go for a broad-spectrum CBD balm.

Amount of CBD

CBD balms come in a variety of concentrations. What works for you depends on why you’re using the balm and your experience using CBD products. Generally, experienced users require higher CBD concentrations and those battling pain and joint discomfort.

New users can go for a lower concentration. There’s no consensus on the right amount for every CBD user, but as a rule of thumb, you can start with low-concentration CBD balms and then slowly increase the concentration.

Absorption time

One of the hallmarks of a good CBD balm is its absorption ability. Low-quality CBD balms have a slow absorption, leaving you with a slimy residue for a prolonged period.

The absorption rate of CBD balm is not just about the comfort of your skin but also how soon you can start feeling the effects. The best way to determine the absorption rate of CBD is to look at the online reviews of previous users.

Other ingredients

CBD on its own has incredible benefits. Adding other ingredients can help amplify these benefits or add other essential benefits. Additional ingredients like vitamin E and menthol are critical in ensuring a well-rounded experience.

The selection of ingredients varies wildly because manufacturers have so many to pick from. So it’s up to you to choose the product that best appeals to your needs and condition.

Third-party lab testing

When buying CBD balm – or any CBD product for that matter, you should always check for third-party lab testing. Manufacturers can mislabel the product, whether intentionally or by mistake.

A third-party lab test certificate of analysis will give you a full breakdown of the ingredients and the concentration of each ingredient. The CoA will also bring to light any contaminants in the CBD balm that could irritate your skin.

The CoA also ensures you’re getting value for what you’re paying for. Some companies that target athletes will take the analysis further to include anti-doping testing to ensure their CBD balm doesn’t contain any banned products for extra peace of mind.


There are CBD balms for any budget. Whether you’re going for a budget or premium CBD balm, you should always ensure it is made from quality ingredients. At the same time, you don’t want to go for the cheapest products on the market. That means the ingredients are also cheap and, at times, dangerous for your skin and your health.

Differences Between CBD Balms and Other Topicals

The scope of CBD products is constantly expanding. For new CBD enthusiasts, choosing CBD products in the same niche as CBD topicals might be confusing. Most people might even think CBD creams and CBD balms are similar products.

While the two products might have some similarities, they are different products, and understanding the differences can help you choose the most suitable option for your application.

CBD Balms

CBD Balms are oil-based topicals absorbed through the skin and remain within the dermis surface. They help create a protective barricade on the skin and prevent the skin from dryness and chapping. CBD balms also have the advantage of making you feel relaxed and are a great way to massage and relax your muscles after a hard day’s work.

CBD Creams

CBD creams mainly have water bases which help the creams to penetrate the skin into the transdermal layer better. CBD creams are best known for not having residues once applied to the skin and have faster absorption. However, because of their rapid absorption, they don’t form that protective layer on the skin, moisturise, or prevent dryness and chapping.

Cream and balms contain CBD as the active ingredient and other beneficial compounds. However, because of the differences in formulation, the two products have entirely different functions. CBD balms are perfect for long-term protection and relief of the skin because of their oil base.

Tips to Use CBD Balms and Gels for Beginners

If it’s your first time using CBD muscle balms, you can use a few tips and tricks to get the most out of our range of balms and gels.

Read the instructions

Our CBD balms and gels come with detailed, easy-to-understand instructions. Ensure you read all the instructions about the product before using it and follow them strictly. Following this step is even more critical if you’re new to CBD products.

Patch test

When using a new topical product, always do a patch test. It’s critical to do this to be sure the product doesn’t react with your skin. You can choose a small, discrete part of the skin to do the patch test.

If you have an existing skin condition, speak to your dermatologist before using CBD balms or gels, especially if you’re on any other type of prescription medication for the condition.

Clean skin

Cleaning the skin before applying a CBD balm is a neat trick that will help increase the absorption rate of the CBD and the bioavailability of CBD and, consequently, the effects. Cleaning the area before applying CBD balm removes dirt and excess oils and clears the skin pores, which allows the balm to be absorbed more easily.

How Do CBD Balms and Gels Work?

CBD balms and gels are formulated from a blend of antioxidants, natural emollients, antioxidants and adaptogens that benefit the skin in multiple ways, including comforting dry and distressed skin.

CBD balms and gels work locally based on where they have been applied. They work through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which has receptors all over the body. Once absorbed through the skin cells, the CBD travels to the receptors, where it is broken down and transferred into the bloodstream.

The CBD and the ECS help to maintain homeostasis and restore balance in the body by regulating the production of various hormones in the body. The CBD balms and gels affect the body the same way over-the-counter topical creams work.

Depending on the ingredients of the CBD balm, it can achieve benefits beyond helping the skin stay moisturised and look hydrated. CBD balms can also be formulated to help with pain management and to help muscles relax after intense workouts making the balms more than a beauty product but also a therapeutic one.

How Much CBD Balm Should You Apply?

There’s no specific amount of CBD balm you should apply. The ideal amount to apply might vary depending on the area you want to cover, your reasons for using CBD and the potency of the CBD balm, gel or roll-on you have.

What’s more important is ensuring you buy a CBD balm with the right concentration to deliver the desired results. Having the right concentration of CBD in your balm ensures you get exceptional results without applying too much balm, which saves your CBD balm without compromising on the effects you experience.

Potential Side Effects

We can’t emphasise the importance of buying quality CBD balms and gels. Some manufacturers have taken advantage of the popularity of CBD products to sell substandard products that might cause adverse side effects.

Consumers who tried genuine CBD balms from Koi CBD have expressed positive results. Because CBD and the ingredients used to make CBD balms are mild and gentle on the skin, it’s rare to get reports of reactions or side effects from using CBD balms. But, there have been some rare cases of skin rashes and itchiness among some consumers.

You can drastically reduce the chances of such reactions by ensuring you purchase CBD balms from reputable manufacturers and sources that use the best and safest ingredients to make their balms. You should also do a patch test before applying the product to the rest of your body.

If you have sensitive skin and react to other topical products, we recommend you consult a dermatologist before using CBD balms. We also recommend patients who want to use topical CBD products to manage various skin conditions discuss the decision with their dermatologist before using CBD products. More so if you’re using other medicines to manage or treat the condition to avoid interactions.

Are CBD Balms Legal?

CBD balms and gels are manufactured in accordance with UK law. The balms are made using cannabinoids derived from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.2%, which makes the products legal.

CBD in itself is not considered illegal in the UK. Therefore, adults can easily access it from online and physical shops as long as the CBD products in question are legal and manufactured in accordance with UK law.

CBD Balm Faqs

How Much CBD should be in CBD Balm?

CBD balms come in a variety of CBD concentrations. There’s no set amount that the balm should have. The balms can come in as little as 25mg of CBD in the tub to as high as 400mg. The variation allows different CBD users to find their preferred CBD concentration.

It’s up to you to determine how much CBD works best for you and concentrate on purchasing CBD balms that have a concentration that best suits you.

How Often Should I use CBD Balm?

The skin does an excellent job of keeping things out. Only a small amount of the CBD balm you apply is absorbed. It opens the door to applying CBD balms up to five times a day.

CBD has very low toxicity, making it difficult to overdose on. However, using too much can lead to undesirable effects like nausea and dry mouth. On average, you should use CBD balm three times a day, but that also depends on the symptoms you’re trying to manage.

Is CBD Balm Safe?

CBD balm and other CBD topicals are generally safe and well-tolerated by most people. But because the balm is made from several ingredients, some users might experience irritation from other components in the ointment.

It is also essential to ensure you buy quality CBD products made from the right ingredients. Some low-quality products might contain heavy metals like lead, posing severe health risks.

Before using CBD balms, always do a patch test before applying the product to the rest of your body to ensure there are no side effects.

Is CBD Balm Legal in the UK?

CBD and, by extension, CBD balm is legal in the UK. However, there are standards set by the MHRA that CBD products should meet for them to be permitted in the UK. These include the CBD harvested from hemp plants with a high CBD yield, and the THC level should not exceed 0.2% for full-spectrum CBD balms.

CBD balms are perfect for athletes and blue-collar workers who often suffer from joint pain, back pain, and muscle soreness. The balm offers a method of delivering CBD directly to the affected areas.