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CBD Gummies are a favourite among CBD lovers. They are the most commonly used oral method of taking CBD. CBD gummies are so popular because they are a fun, colourful and tasteful way of taking CBD, especially among people who can’t stand the natural taste of CBD.

At CBD Oil UK, we have an extensive range of CBD gummies from various brands worldwide. We also specialise in a variety of the CBD products like CBD vape oil, CBD oil tinctures, CBD capsules and CBD topical products that you might find interesting and worth a try.

If it’s your first time taking CBD gummies, we have all the information and the products you need to make your CBD journey an impressive and memorable one.

What Are CBD Gummies?

Gummies are small, flavoured, chewy sweets that are revered by children and adults alike. Gummies have been around since the 1920s and have always made excellent gifts and treats.

CBD gummies are just that. Gummies that contain cannabidiol (CBD). Like traditional gummies, CBD gummies come in an extensive range of flavours and colours that add an aspect of fun and adventure to taking CBD.

Similar to other CBD products like CBD capsules and vape liquids, CBD gummies come in a variety of strengths, which is ideal because it allows different CBD lovers to pick gummies that are within their dose range.

If you don’t find swallowing medication easy, gummies are chewable and come in delectable flavours, so you can chew them before you swallow.

Although the varieties of CBD gummies are numerous depending on the factors, you use to classify them. The variations ultimately come down to the type of CBD extract used to make the gummies which makes the most difference.

They also come in different CBD forms, which include:

Full-spectrum CBD gummies

This range of gummies is made from whole-plant or full-spectrum CBD. It is the least commonly used CBD extract for gummies. But with the growing demand, finding full-spectrum gummies in the market is becoming more common. The extract contains all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, terpenes and flavonoids. The extract also contains essential vitamins and minerals found in the hemp plant.

These compounds combine to create a powerful, entourage effect and assist your body in manufacturing cannabidiol more effectively. For experienced CBD fans that want gummies that will deliver the full CBD experience, full-spectrum CBD gummies are the perfect option.

Broad-spectrum CBD gummies

Broad spectrum CBD gummies have the same cannabinoid profile as full-spectrum options but don’t contain any THC. The absence of THC makes broad-spectrum CBD gummies the most sought-after type of gummies on the market. Like full-spectrum CBD gummies, this range of gummies can also deliver the entourage effect even without the THC. However, they still have other compounds, including multiple cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. They also contain the vitamins and minerals found in the hemp plant.

Like full-spectrum, the broad-spectrum extract has a strong earthy taste that you can sometimes still get as an aftertaste on your tongue after consuming the gummies.

CBD isolate gummies

CBD isolate gummies are loaded with pure cannabidiol. They don’t contain any other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. The CBD extract used in these types of gummies is isolated during a process called winterisation and distillation, ensuring you only consume CBD when taking CBD gummies made from CBD isolate.

These gummies can carry a substantial amount of CBD, which doesn’t have a flavour or odour. Therefore, you will also get a better taste from CBD isolate gummies than in the other two varieties. Because CBD isolates gummies don’t have the other compounds, they don’t produce the entourage effect. They are perfect for consumers that only want to enjoy the benefits of CBD strictly.

It’s important to note that CBD gummies don’t look any different from ordinary gummies. They look like gummy vitamins or sweets, and no one can tell you’re taking CBD gummies unless you tell them or decide to share.

How are CBD gummies made?

Each brand has its secret formula for manufacturing great-tasting gummies. However, there are a few ingredients that feature in all CBD gummies and make the basis of how all gummies are made.

  • Sugar – Gummies are known for their sweet taste, which they get from sugar. Some brands can decide to substitute sugar for honey to create more organic and impactful CBD gummies.
  • Thickener – Gelatin or fruit pectin are the preferred thickeners for CBD gummies. The thickeners help to gel the ingredients together and give the gummies their chewiness.
  • Flavouring – Depending on the preferred flavour, the flavouring used is different. But the results are the same sweet-tasting CBD gummies with an unbelievable taste.

Other ingredients that might be used in the making of CBD gummies include natural colouring, starch, and other ingredients that help to maintain the right consistency.

The ingredients used to make CBD gummies undergo various processes like mixing and heating and thereafter poured into moulds before being infused with CBD.

How Do CBD Gummies Work?

The work of CBD gummies starts at ingestion. Once you place the gummies, the absorption process begins. The gummies can be absorbed in one of two ways:

  • Orally – If you chew the gummies and swallow, the CBD will be absorbed after going through the digestion process. This often takes longer and the effects can be delayed for several hours from when you took the CBD gummies.
  • Sublingually – The CBD is absorbed sublingually if you hold the gummies in your mouth and suck on them as opposed to chewing them. This method of absorption yields faster results and is more effective because the CBD is delivered directly into the bloodstream.

The Endocannabinoid system

Once the CBD from the gummies is absorbed, it works together with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and other receptors in the body to affect its potential benefits.

The ECS is a unique system inside the body designed to handle endocannabinoids, which are the cannabinoids released in the body.

It has receptors that bind to the cannabinoids and enzymes that break down the cannabinoids. CBD can also impact various receptors like Serotonin and dopamine receptors to infer its effects.

It can also inhibit or alter the functions of some receptors, which helps to reduce the spread of cancer cells and the degradation of bone density. Depending on the receptors CBD impacts, the effects felt can be different.

How do CBD gummies make you feel?

You shouldn’t expect to feel anything out of the ordinary after taking CBD gummies. CBD doesn’t have any psychedelic effects and in full-spectrum varieties, the amount of THC (0.2%) is too small to have any effects.

However, when taken in high doses, CBD can make you feel drowsy. It also has a variety of potential health benefits. Depending on your reasons for taking CBD, the effects you feel after taking CBD gummies will be different.

How long will the effects of CBD gummies last?

The effects of CBD gummies last between six to eight hours. However, it’s also possible to continue feeling the effects for up to 24 hours after eating CBD gummies. How long the results last depend on the concentration of CBD you have taken, your metabolic rate and also your weight.

When to take CBD gummies?

Most CBD lovers need to know the best time to take CBD because they are cautious of any possible effects. But, there are no known adverse side effects associated with CBD gummies. You can take the gummies at any time.

Taking CBD gummies early in the morning is ideal for those looking for daily health support because there is some buffer time after taking the gummies.

When using the CBD gummies for help with sleep, it helps take the gummies a few hours before you sleep, so the CBD kicks in around bedtime.

Other preferred times of taking CBD depend on when you need the effects. Always remember to take CBD gummies a few hours before you actually need the effects and consider the buffer time.

What to look for in CBD gummies

Whether you’re taking CBD for its potential health benefits or as a daily supplement, you should never compromise on the quality of CBD products you buy. Quality CBD products might cost you more. But they are safe and have a far lower risk.

Some brands will use inferior quality ingredients containing artificial ingredients and in some instances, the CBD products don’t contain what is written on the label. As a result, the CBD might not work for you as expected.

When buying CBD gummies, ensure you look out for the following:

  • Certificate of Analysis – The CBD market is filled with inaccurate marketing claims. One way you can ensure your CBD product contains the amount of CBD it claims and has the right ingredients is by opting to buy your CBD gummies from reputable brands. Such brands also have their CBD gummies tested by a third-party lab and have a certificate of analysis available on their website.
  • Verify the type of CBD – As mentioned earlier, CBD gummies are made from different forms of CBD, which are isolated, broad and full0spectrum CBD. Each of these types of CBD works differently in the body. It’s vital to check and verify the variety of CBD products you’re buying.
  • Non-CBD ingredients – Gummies contain other elements. Some of them are healthy additionals that help to accentuate the effects of CBD like turmeric. If you want healthy supplements, these ingredients are a good addition. Keep a close eye on the element’s label to ensure there are no artificial ingredients. Typically, these have a long and difficult to pronounce name that can raise red flags.

It’s also common to find CBD gummies that contain a variety of life-enhancing ingredients like vitamins and melatonin that can help in enhancing sleep quality, among other benefits.

  • Pricing – Quality CBD gummies might cost more. But you don’t need to overpay. Look for competitive prices and CBD gummies that provide a well-rounded experience. For the best prices and discounts, you can check out our catalogue at CBD Oil UK. We stock all the leading CBD brands in the UK and overseas and we have the most competitive and affordable prices on the market.

How to Use CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the easiest ways of taking CBD. Just remove them from their packaging and pop them in your mouth. You can decide to chew and swallow or suck on it. Each of the methods has benefits, with sucking on them being the most beneficial because it delivers more CBD into the body in a shorter time.

Like other CBD products, you need to understand how much CBD you should take even with the gummies. This helps to prevent undesirable effects like a dry mouth and drowsiness when you take too much and also enables you to keep tabs on the effects of CBD and how you should adjust your intake.

Most CBD gummies contain between 5 to 20mg of CBD in each gummy. You can check the potency, which is often indicated on the packaging, to get a better idea of the accurate dose of your preferred CBD gummies.

What are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?

There are numerous benefits associated with taking CBD gummies compared to other CBD products, not to mention the potential health benefits that have often been associated with CBD.

Health benefits

The main reason people take CBD gummies is because of the potential health benefits that CBD has been associated with from the research and studies done.

  • Relieving pain – CBD is thought to have potent pain relief properties. Research shows that CBD is able to confer this benefit by impacting the serotonin receptors. Most CBD users claim that it encourages superior pain management. Because it is a natural compound, it doesn’t result in dependency or the side effects often associated with pharmaceutical alternatives.
  • Antiinflammatory benefits – Several studies have confirmed that CBD has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. These benefits prove crucial in the management of various conditions and disorders and also help to alleviate pain. CBD’s interaction with dopamine receptors has also been studied and has shown evidence that CBD can help to improve mood, behaviour, memory, focus, attention and motivation.
  • Better sleep cycle – One of the better-known effects of CBD is its ability to induce sleep. Research has confirmed this indicating up to 66.7% of people suffering from sleep disorders and anxiety received improved sleep after taking a dose of just 25mg of CBD a day within a month.

Other than the health benefits highlighted by the different studies and research done on CBD, there are other benefits of taking CBD gummies as opposed to other CBD products. These include:

Properly dosed

If you’re struggling with calculating CBD dosages, CBD gummies might be easier to use. The gummies come with precise dosages that make it easier for you to know how much CBD you’re getting with each CBD gummy. This is even more beneficial for those that are just starting their CBD journey.

They are sweet and fun – just like regular gummies

CBD gummies are not any different from regular gummies. They taste the same and look the same. You can get CBD gummies in a variety of fruity flavours that taste just like sweets. If you’ve tried CBD oil and you can’t stand its bitter taste, consider CBD gummies as an alternative. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, gummies satisfy both your sugar cravings and the demand for CBD in your body.

They are affordable

Compared with alternative methods of taking CBD like vaping, CBD gummies are more affordable. The ingredients and methods of making the CBD are straightforward and economical. You also don’t need to buy any additional tools or equipment, which saves you more money.

Protect the lungs

If for any reason, you find vaping uncomfortable or it irritates your throat or lungs, with CBD gummies, you don’t need to worry about such effects. Some CBD lovers might also be allergic Propylene Glycol, which is an ingredient used to make CBD vape oil. If you have such allergies, CBD gummies make an excellent alternative for you.

Long-lasting effects

CBD gummies have longer-lasting effects. This is because they are processed through the digestive system just like normal food, this means CBD is released in small doses over the next few hours.

They are discreet

CBD gummies are among the easiest CBD products to take in public. They look and taste like sweets. No one will know if you’re taking CBD unless you decide to tell.

Disadvantages of CBD Gummies

Despite having many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages to using CBD gummies. It’s important to be aware of such downsides before buying the gummies:

  • CBD gummies are not ideal for CBD users that require high CBD concentration. However, such users can use CBD gummies to keep their CBD levels high, but they can’t use CBD gummies as their primary source of CBD.
  • Because CBD gummies go through the digestive system, the onset of the effects can take up to two to four hours. It’s a long time to wait, especially when you need immediate relief.
  • CBD gummies have a low bioavailability. The CBD has to go through the digestive process, which breaks down most of the CBD. When taking CBD gummies, you might need to take more CBD to attain your daily doses because of the low bioavailability.
  • Although the effects last longer when you take CBD gummies, the effects are not as powerful because there is limited CBD in circulation. Methods like vaping deliver more CBD into your bloodstream in a shorter time for amplified results.

The downsides of CBD gummies are not significant. You just need to pick the right CBD product for your situation. For CBD users that require high concentration CBD, gummies make a great substitute to keep your CBD levels high after taking your main CBD product like a CBD tincture.

For starters, CBD gummies are an excellent option because they come in low doses and release the CBD into your system in small doses. This gives you enough time to observe how your body reacts and make adjustments to the amount of CBD you should take.

Are CBD Gummies the Same as Hemp Gummies?

Hemp and CBD gummies come from the same plant. But they have different chemistry profiles, hence different effects.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies have CBD as their active ingredient. The extract used to make CBD gummies is extracted from the flowers of mature hemp plants. The most common extraction method is CO2, and CBD gummies are also thought to help with pain management, among other therapeutic benefits.

CBD gummies have the edge over hemp gummies because, besides the nutritional benefits, they also have therapeutic benefits, which include relaxation. They may support better sleep and alleviate discomfort with a calming effect.

Hemp gummies

Hemp gummies, on the other hand, don’t contain CBD or THC. The gummies are made from hemp oil extracted from the hemp plant’s seeds before maturity. To get the oil, manufacturers use cold-press methods. Therefore, these gummies don’t provide the same possible benefits as CBD gummies. However, hemp oil is also known to have several nutritional benefits hence the demand for hemp gummies. The gummies may contain trace minerals, vitamins and fatty acids from the hemp plant.

Most people that prefer hemp gummies often do because of the supplementary nutrients the gummies offer. They have fewer legal restrictions and a lack of THC in hemp gummies. However, the gummies don’t have any therapeutic benefits.

Are CBD Gummies as Effective as CBD Oil?

Although CBD gummies may contain CBD oil, they are not effective as CBD oil. That is because CBD oil is primarily natural and comes in some of the highest CBD concentrations. It is also worth noting you can take CBD oils sublingually, which increases the bioavailability and the effectiveness of CBD oil.

CBD gummies are preferable as a secondary option to CBD oil. You can use CBD gummies to keep your CBD levels up, especially for experienced CBD connoisseurs who want to keep their CBD experience adventurous.

CBD gummies usually have low CBD concentration compared to CBD oils. Also, you can only take CBD gummies orally, and while they taste better than most CBD oils, they have a lower bioavailability and are less effective.

Nonetheless, they are perfect for new CBD enthusiasts who want a product that is not too strong as they build a tolerance to CBD and also want to enjoy the colourful and flavourful experience that CBD gummies provide.

How Many Gummies Should You Take in a Day

How many gummies you can take in a day depends on the concentration of the gummies you have. Also, each person is unique in the number of gummies they can take in a day, depending on their CBD objectives, age and metabolism. Some people use CBD gummies as their primary source of CBD, while others only use the gummies as a secondary option. The CBD needs between the two groups will vary.

Most CBD gummies have around 10-50 milligrams of CBD per portion. If you’re new to CBD products, you should purchase the lowest potency gummies and start with two gummies per serving. Because gummies require a longer time to start working, give yourself 40-80 minutes to experience the effects.

More experienced users can take multiple gummies within a day, depending on their CBD intake. If you can take 50 milligrams of CBD per serving, you can consume one 50 mg gummy or up to five 10mg gummies.

CBD Gummies FAQs

Are CBD gummies safe?

CBD gummies are made from food-grade ingredients in industrial-grade facilities that prioritise quality and safety. So far, there haven’t been any adverse cases reported against CBD gummies, which means they are completely safe. However, you should always make sure you buy your CBD gummies from reputable brands and suppliers. While they might be safe in general, substandard products could cause undesirable reactions to your body.

Will CBD show on a drug test?

No, CBD will not show in a drug test because most drug tests don’t test for CBD. They test for THC. Even for CBD products made from full-spectrum THC that contains THC, the levels of THC are too low to trigger a positive test. If you’re still concerned, you can always opt for products made from CBD isolate, which doesn’t contain any THC.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

A: The number of CBD gummies you should depend on your intended CBD dose and the concentration of CBD in your packet of gummies.

CBD gummy packages have the total CBD concentration indicated on the packaging. You can divide this by the number of gummies in the package to get the average amount of CBD contained in each gummy, then divide this by your targeted daily CBD intake to find how many CBD gummies you should take in a day.

How long do CBD gummies take to start working?

The time it takes for the CBD gummies to start working depends on a variety of factors. The first is how you take the gummies. If you chew and swallow, it could take anywhere between two and four hours. If you suck and hold in your mouth, the effects will kick in faster because the CBD will be absorbed in your buccal cavity.

Other factors that will affect how long it takes for the CBD to start working include your metabolic rate. The faster it is, the better.

Are CBD gummies good for anxiety?

Research has shown that CBD gummies might be good in dealing with anxiety. Different studies carried out have shown that CBD can interact with various receptors in the brain to reduce blood pressure and improve calmness and mood.

Are there any side effects associated with CBD?

CBD is well-tolerated among most CBD users, and it has very low toxicity. However, there have been isolated cases of users reporting some mild side effects like drowsiness, diarrhoea, nausea and a dry mouth. In such cases, the best solution is lowering your dose and observing how your body responds.

These side effects are common among new CBD users or users that are taking a high CBD dose. Most of these side effects can be remedied by decreasing CBD intake or lowering the dose.

Some users have reported more adverse CBD side effects like skin rash, fatigue and irritability. These are common when taking substandard CBD products. Depending on the quality of ingredients used to make the CBD products, the effects can get work.